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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  December 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is wjztv, wjzhd and baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood. now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz maryland's news station. pressure at the pump the push to push the gas tax. governor o'malley's blunt message to maryland drivers. hi, i am mary bubala defees and vic are off. the threat of a 15% gas tax hike could soon be a reality. it's news drivers don't want to hear but the governor says the money has to come from somewhere and wjz is live meghan mccorkel has more. >> reporter: it hasn't gone up in the past two decades. governor says that needs to change if maryland wants a
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better tomorrow. must be on table in 2012. >> we have to find a way to make the investments that modern economy requires to create jobs. >> reporter: the governor said that investment could come in the form of a gas tax hike to pay for critical infrastructure projects. >> we could pay for and there's no way to build 100 million dollar bridge for 10 million. >> reporter: the gas tax is 23 1/2 cents set in 1992 a commission recommended raising that by 15 cents. that would make maryland's tax 38.5 cents behind the five states which all charge more than 40 cents. with gas price already creeping higher, drivers we spoke with say they are already at the breaking point. >> it's 3.50 a gallon. that's insane already. >> you find yourself work to buy fuel and not food. >> reporter: there's sticker shock at how much prices
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haverisen in few years. >> 15 dollars more. >> reporter: every time you fill up. >> yes. >> reporter: fears cost could sky rocket again. >> back when it was almost 4 bucks a gallon. that was crazy. >> reporter: but with the backlog of traffic projects, some say a jump at the pump may be the only way to balance the budget. and lawmakers say it's not likely a 15 cent increase will pass it will be 5 or 10 cents. reporting live meghan mccorkel. the gas tax sure to be hot button issue when the 2012 legislative section of the general assembly opens on january 11th. a major gas leak near baltimore pen station interrupts traffic during tonight's evening rush. sky chopper 13 over the scene ashazmat crews work on a 24- inch gas main struck by an amtrak contractor in the 1500 block of north charles. no injuries reported. a child is dead and a sister fighting for her life
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after a chain react crash along i-83. investigators recreate the crash scene to find out what went so wrong. tonight weija yang what -- jiang has new -- weija jiang has new information. >> reporter: the victim's older sister is in stable condition and they are the niece and if he you of steven concernney a former -- kearney a former aide to governor o'malley. family continues to grieve. from skyeye chopper 13, you see a state police crash team on thursday afternoon piecing together a deadly crash thatclaimed the live of a 5- year-old boy the day before. investigators shut down the ramp from interstate 83 to the inner loop of the beltway to reconstruct the scene which unfolded before 3 p.m. on wednesday. traffic came to a halt well into rush hour. >> it was a four-vehicle pileup where the first vehicle that was rear ended suffered the most injuries. >> reporter: that car was this mangled acura sedan inside the
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owen familiar live south baltimore. 5-year-old jake and his sister 9-year-old alexandria were flown to johns hopkins but a hour later jake died. their parents were also taken to the hospital. >> it's believed to be very critical. >> reporter: police identified the driver of the suv that plowed into them as 23-year-old devin mckeiver who was speeding will both children are at federal hill preparatory. alexandria a 4th and jake a kinder gardener. the principal announced the news on the website and said the boy's calm spirit and charming smile will be missed. wjz spoke with the driver of the car that was directly in front of the owens and he said even though it was a chain reaction, the impact for him was also hard. 39 -year-old joshua says it happened in seconds. just as i was coming to a stop because traffic slowed. it was easily the most horrific thing i've ever been involved
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in. weija jiang, wjz "eyewitness news." >> after the investigation is complete, police will consult with the state's attorney to determine if charges will be filed. a terrifying single car incident killed two young women in montgomery county. early this morning, the driver lost control and the car land up over a brick wall outside silver spring home. police don't know if alcohol or speed were involved. they believe the girls were hon the way home flue fr a d.c. -- from a d.c. club. transit police need your help. look at the two suspect tarry thomas and lynn they tried to rob a passenger at the cherry hill stop december 7th. mta police say the victim was injured during attack. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. baltimore county teen has burns over half her body after somebody pours gasoline on a fire. it was an accident that caused a massive explosion. officials say they were in the
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backyard of a home along shady spring. >> they were talking and you know just they were going to have a nice enjoyable evening. >> reporter: they used twigs and branches to start the bonfire in a fire pit. when it didn't light one took a 5 gallon canister of gas and poured it on the fire. >> they dumped that on the fire and vapors exploded and engulfed all three. >> reporter: the father ran out to help and teens were rushed to johns hopkins bayview. one 17-year-old girl had birls over half her body and -- burns over half her body and neighbors say they are shocked and saddened by the accident. >> surprised basically, and sorrow for the person, the kid that got hrt you know i hate to see anybody get hurt let alone a young teenager. >> my grandson knows her, the little girl. >> the girl that was injured. >> it's really sad. >> another 17-year-old girl and 16 -year-old boy are also injured and are expected to recover. after more than four years
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in prison a. prominent maryland money manager will walk free tomorrow. nathan chapman was convicted of 23 counts of fraud and filing false tax returns for investing public money into his troubled company and spending shareholder company money on his mistresss it. led to overhaul of the state's pension board. sears reveals some of the 120 stores it plans to shut down and one is right here in maryland. the sears store on baltimore national pike in ellicott city is set to close but no date has been announced. another 41 sears and k-mart stores may be on the chopping block. sears holding corporation says shutting down stores willien rate up to $1-- will generate up to 170 million. the ravens earned their way to the playoffs and they want fans to know they couldn't have conit without you. -- done it without you. they put lucky ticket holders in the spotlight. ky is here with the big -- kai is here with the surprise. >> reporter: today, ravens made it clear they appreciate their
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fans. baltimore ravens fans are passionate with purple pride. but it's more than just team spirit. even broadcasters admit these fans can bring pain to opponents. >> it's tough play to play. crowd noise a factor. >> reporter: when the ravens beat the browns it capped a perfect season at home. 8 wins no losses. >> on behalf of the players and coaches, we are given the game ball to the ravens fans to the 8-0 season. >> reporter: today the coach made good on the promise. >> i just want to say what a pleasure it is to accept this on behalf of all ravens fans and i am honored to be here to represent. >> reporter: three fans werechoseen to receive actual game balls used in the ravens victory over cleveland. >> well, that's about what i feel like right now. i got a game ball. thank you very much. [ applause become. [. >> reporter: -- applause ] >> reporter: a perfect season is tough to achieve. ravens head coach john harbaugh
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gives a great deal of credit to the fans. ance fans give the credit back to the ravens. >> it is an honor and pleasure to sit up there every week and watch these guys play and i guess the 12th man really is important to you guys. >> reporter: a 4th game ball honoring plans will be displayed at the training facility in owings mills. >> thank you. the ravens won 18 of the past 19 games at m and t bank stadium and don't miss the action with the ravens take on the bengal. see the game live right here on wjz13 kick off is sunday at 4. coming a. ordeal for a man and a man's best friend. a firsthand account of the daring rescue on the side of a cliff. and this teenage a youtube sensation makes the most mel rabble video yet, the emotional good-bye he posted the day before his death. i am mike hellgren. how a jacket could lead police to a killer. hello, i am tim william in for
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bob turk a little taste of winter today. so could more snow flurries be headed in our general direction? i will have the answer coming up in your complete updated first warning forecast in just a few moments. compete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter, kai jackson and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz, maryland's news station. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 33 degrees and partly
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cloudy in central maryland tonight. the complete first warning weather forecast coming as we look at m and t bank stayed yu. early morning fog is suspected to have played a roll in the -- role in the 40-car pile upin -- pileup in new orleans. one for fighter was hurt trying to rescue a trapped driver. it occurred around 4 in the morning and stied up both lanes of interstate 10 tore 12 mors. a texas teen -- hours. a texas teen made a tearful good-bye. this revealed something more serious. [ music ] ♪ . >> through the use of cards he let everybody know he was suffering from a heart condition. and his heart gave out on christmasing morning. the video he was viewed by nearly a million people. the grief felt by a family of a brutally murdered 9-year-old girl in indiana is also being felt right here in maryland.
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that is because elainea limbon went to skewing in hag -- school in hagerstown. she shea attended winter street elementary until june. police arrested 39-year-old family friend for the murder. new information could crack a howard county cold case ten years after the crime. a young man murdered in a parking lot in laurel and there's still no trace of his killer. mike hellgren speaks to the victim's heart broken family. >> reporter: ten years ago, police found derrick peters shot det ded in the park lot in the north part of laurel. throughout the years his mother has been waiting for detectives to arrest her son's killer. >> if i knew who did this, i would go after them myself. >> reporter: now howard county investigators are revealing new information they hope can lead to justice. for the first time, they say the shooter stole a dark cherry colored leather jacket waist length with a brand name.
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>> across the back coogi is spelled now the colorful letters. >> police -- >> reporter: police believe it was not a random killing andpeterson knew who murdered him and believed the shoot wears low level drug dealer. derrick never had a criminal record and saved up to find the car. >> he was talker. he was a talker. he could talk to you or me he loved to talk. he was a people person. >> reporter: police say the shooter was in his 20s average build and height and more notable the man witnessed spotted driving the git get's way car more than 6 feet tall and 300 pounds. >> people -- get away car more than 6 feet tall and 300 pounds. loved ones home a big rearward and new revelation also heat up the cold case. >> the anger and rage has never left me. it's never left me. >> reporter: police believe the suspect fled in a large car possibly a chevy capris or
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crown victoria and reward is up to $10,000. mike hellgren, wjz "eyewitness news." >> mike thank you and you can contact howard county police are information and reman anonymous by calling metro crimestoppers at 1-866-7- lockup. an incredible rescue for several hours on the side of a mountain in southern california. ivan salas was hiking when he went over a cliff trying to save a dog. rescueed crews were able to reach both ivan and the companion after several tense moments. both were brought safely to the bottom. ivan said whoa do it again to help save his dog. >> first i have to get my dog safe. if anything happens, i hope it happens to me not my dog i thought it was the end of my life because i saw bottom and there's nothing there. i am going to hold onto. >> ivan's father who was hiking tried to rescue his son and another family member saw what was happening and called 911.
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it may be the most anticipated auction in heftry. more than 5500 art -- history. more than 5500 artifact from the titanic are going up for bid. china and portions of the hall were appraised at $189 million back in 2007. the auction will take place on april 1st in new york. so the results will be announced on april 15th which will be the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic. fireworks will help ring in the new year at the inner harbor and so will this fan from annapolis. [ music ] ♪ >> the band will play the brand of pumping and soul and they promise it will get everybody in the party mood with the original songs and popular covers and watch the wjz new year's eve special with complete coverage of the fireworks live from baltimore inner harbor. you can see all the festivities
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on wjz starting at 11 this saturday night. and down there at the harbor, it starts around 9 all the festivities. >> yes, it does. and we have been promitsing the forecast if you plan to go out a keep the music rolling if you like. it's going to be be a pretty chilly but relatively calnight. >> so festive. >> yes. it will be. the clouds will not interfere with seeing the fireworks. it will be a pretty nice night. 36 degrees. it's going to be chilly but you expect that for the last day in the first morning of a new year. so, we will see exactly how it plays out but don't expect to see rain or any snow. temperatures today, new way little snow across the region got up to 41. 42 is the average with 25 the overnight low right on target from last night in to this morning. and that's where we expect to be for this time year. the records are safe 77 degrees we would love to have been up around there. but we didn't quite get there today. we have temperatures right around the 33 degree range getting close to about
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freezing. 29 is the dew point humidity at85%. calm winds and barometer steady at 29.99. high pressure is not too far away. but it's been giving way to some very quick little ripples of energy moving across the region over the last 24 hours or so. we will show that to you here in a second. 34 in cumberland and oakland. 33 in elkton and 42 in dc and 42 also in ocean city. and around the metro area temperatures from the mid-30s as you see from bel air over towards westminster and low 30s. columbia 33. 33bwi marshal. 37 rock hall and down into annapolis and kent island, 44 in both locations. wind are calm around much of the state right now. where they are coming in is with a bit of a south and south eastern component. adding to the cloud cover because it's bringing in a little bit of moisture from the bay and off the ocean depending on how far east into the delmarva you are. we had a few ripples of energy called quick moving clipper
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systems dive down close enough to put us on the lower edge of some of the snow showers that moved across the region. we didn't expect to see much of that make it to the ground but some of it did in the middle he of the afternoon. some parts of the area around the beltway saw light rain coming down because of temperatures around 40 degrees. behind it we will see clearing and tomorrow there is another system moving in following the same path. again it stays primarily to the north so we will have temperatures in the mild range right up around 50 for the next three days. but with that high just off the shore, we will see tranquil conditions but those lows will keep on zooming on by across the northern tier of the country right up around the great lakes. sunrise is at 7:26. south winds with no advisories at 5 to 10 knots. going down tonight to around freezing. average 25 a bit above that and then 54 degrees and mostly cloudy for tomorrow. and 51 on saturday, 54 on sunday. and 44 and down to 32 on tuesday. >> thank you. coming, winning on the road is a challenge for the ravens.
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is a challenge for the ravens. how they are planning for ,,,,,, on my journey across america,
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stan is here with the wjz13 the fan report. >> keep in mind the ravens are favored by three but so many people are nervous about being on road. from ravens headquarters is word starting safety didn't practice and he is dealing with a unconfirmed illness. linebacker and others sat out we will keefe you abreast. regarding the ravens four regular season losses over 15 games all took place on the road. the foreign places and stadiums and people. so far away from the friendly confines of home where teams stand united fighting the opposition or they fall together in the quest for victory. ravens losses are at tennessee jackson vil seattle and san diego and hopefully cincinnati will be add to the hit list
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sunday on the road. >> it is hard to get a road win in this league especially in our division and i mean, teams got a better record at home. seems like the home crowd teams home crowd gets in it and guys slip up on the road. >> you can't make the mistakes and somebody else is opposing. the home playing away is one of the hardest things to do in the business. that's without a doubt. and if you give them extra momentum that's what happens. >> don't miss the action sunday at 4 when the ravens travel to cincinnati to take on the bengals to be shown on wjz13. college football this evening florida state rallied from 14 down to notre dame opening play 4th quarter manual to reid helping the seminoles to get the 4th straight bowl win. 18-14 over notre dame. alamo bowl huskies and heisman
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trophy quarterback robert griffin won days ago escaping the pressure running for his life 24 yards to pay dirt. but washington is beating baylor and other quarterback stealing the show 42-31 in the third. nba play of the night on the defensive side. howard rejects new jersey's okur who is turkish and is embarrassed as this went into row three but back at you says williams. taking it to the big man and almost dunking on him. final score including brooks crazy trifecta shot magic 94 nets 78 that's sports have good night. see you tomorrow. >> all right. thank you. golfing in a unusual location how city slickers can work ,,,,,
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in one new york city couple found a small osaysas in the jungle -- osaysis putting a putting green on their balcony allowing them to spend more time outside and a cheap way to work on the golf game. problem is the occasional interruption by their dog georgia. she just wants to work on her retrieving game. well when it comes to new year's eve and times square everything is tested everything and that includes the confetti. an air worthiness test was conconducted -- conducted from 8 stories up. some below thought they won something or new year's eve was arriving early. oneton of brightly colored paper was released at 2012 ushered in on saturday night. stay with us. we will be right back,,,,,,,,,,,
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